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Designed and Manufactured by A & M Controls
Blocked Chute/Level Switch DIP IP65 (AUS Ex 3677)
Aus Ex 3677 (Certificate expired, IEC Ex pending).
Suitable for use in I.S. circuits as a simple device

For use on free flowing materials at atmospheric pressure.

Grain - Flour - Pellets - Cement - Ash - Crushed Rock - Sand - Coal - Sewerage Sludge
A very rugged and reliable switch which will operate on most applications in the Grain, Quarry Mining, Power and Materials Handling Industries as a blocked chute switch or level switch. Other advantages are that it will operate on any control voltage and is a simple on/off, 2 wire system which does not require a power supply, motor circuit or extra fittings.

Company Message

A&M Controls was established in 1980 to design and manufacture blocked chute and level switches for use in a number of industries requiring a simple,reliable and inexpensive switch.

After many years of experience in the Electrical and Instrument field associated with the Grain, Stockfeed, Mining and Power Industries we have achieved that aim and are still improving our products to maintain the satisfaction of our extensive customer base.

Our standard of quality control is jealously guarded and we appreciate customer feedback so that we can customize their needs.



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