A & M Controls

A&M Controls – Company Message

EDC Electrical (www.edcelectrical.com.au) are pleased to announce that we are the new owners of
A&M Controls. These Blocked Chute Switches are a great high quality Australian Product and we are
proud to be continuing their manufacture and Supply. Please refer to the updated Contact Us page.

A&M Controls was established in 1980 to design and manufacture blocked chute and level switches
for use in a number of industries requiring a simple, reliable and inexpensive switch.

After many years of experience in the Electrical and Instrument field associated with;

The Grain, Stockfeed, Mining and Power Industries

We have achieved that aim and are still improving our products to maintain the satisfaction of our
extensive customer base. Our standard of quality control is jealously guarded and we appreciate customer feedback
so that we can customize their needs.




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