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Specification of AMD-NP Hopper Level Switch.

Applications to detect the level of fly ash and flue gas particles collected in Electrostatic Precipitators and Fabric Filter Dust Collection Plants opertaing at negative pressure and temperatures up to 210 Deg C. Suitable for High, Low and Intermediate level detection.


Enclosure is certified IP65.
End connection to 80mm (3 inch) ANSI 150 flange, for bolting to flanged
spigot welded on dust hopper.
Flange spigot on hopper to be at least 30 Deg above horizontal with the
30mm (1.25 inch) sensing tube facing in a downward direction into the product.
Switch housing can be mounted at any angle.
Conduit / Cable entry is 20mm.
Electrical connections are, common, N/O and N/C, SPDT switch.
Two or three wire circuit. (At any control voltage)
No power supply or ancillary circuits required.
Hopper negative pressure -0.5 Kpa to -8 Kpa or better.
Through gas temperatures to 210 Deg. C.

AMD-NP for detecting the high and low level of hot fly ash in ESP and Bag House hoppers

AMD NP High Level Ash Hopper level switch

AMD NP Low Level Ash Hopper level switch