A & M Controls


Are spare parts available?

Yes, various diahragm materials and switch kits are available and can be delivered to any Australian capital city over night.

Can the cast housing withstand corrosive atmospheres?

Yes, we have overcome this problem on salt processing plants by
epoxy coating the housing.

Can the sensitivity be adjusted after installation?

Yes, it has sensitivity adjustment to suit various applications.

Can the switch be fitted to a round bin?

Yes, they can be fitted to a diameter down to 1 metre without special fittings.

Can the switch be mounted on any angle?

Yes, the diaphragm can be facing in any direction in a bin,
conveyor transfer chute, drop chute or screw conveyor lid.

Can the switch operate on wet as well as dry products?

We have had success on sewerage sludge, mining slurry and grape residue
vats, because it is a non intrusive sensor and does not collect rubbish.

Can the switch withstand heavy loads of dense product?

They are used as low level switches on 70 tonne cement silos,
this is possible because of the strength of the integrally cast housing
behind the diaphragm which limits the travel of the switch arm and protects the
switching mechanism.

Does it require a separate power supply or junction box?

No, it is a 2 wire switching device in a rugged housing with a 20 mm
conduit entry.

Is it an expensive item to purchase and install?

No, most Engineers are pleasantly surprised at the low unit cost and
the savings on a 2 wire system in standard cable, this enables them
to fit more control and sensing points into their budget.

Is there a PDF Vesion of the Site?

We have included a full PDF version of technical information available on the website. The Link is provided here: A&M Controls PDF

Will the diaphragm withstand abrasion and impact from larger material?

Different diaphragm materials can be fitted to suit various applications
from -10 to 210 degrees C.

Will the housing remain water tight in heavy rain or wash down situation?

Yes the housing is IP65.

Will the switch operate on AC and DC supply?

The micro switch has common, normally open and normally closed
connections (SPDT) which will operate on any control voltage up to
240 VAC / VDC switching 2 amps.